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ribbon House with stone walls

Your yard is almost perfect, but there seems to be something missing. Stone surrounds or retaining walls add a touch of elegance and class to any outdoor area, and give it that

finishing touch you're looking for.

Strong and durable, Fredy's offers a versatile selection of retaining wall products to complement your landscaping, patio or even your mailbox. For over 20 years, we have provided retaining wall, hardscape, and paving stone products that add beauty to any home. Take advantage of our expertise.

Stone retaining walls and surrounds

 •  Retaining walls

 •  Stone surrounds

 •  Natural and manufactured stone

 •  Residential or commercial work

 •  Over 20 years of experience

 •  A family owned business

We have over 20 years of experience building the stone walls of our customers dreams.

Adding a retaining wall is an easy, affordable way to increase your home's value. The stone walls we will install for you will last for a lifetime, and bring privacy and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

For your total protection, we are licensed and insured.

What we offer you.

Increasing Value

Many customers who are interested in being environmentally friendly are turning toward our naturally-built retaining walls, because they use up to 50% less product than traditional walls. They also will reduce the disruption to the natural vegetation of the area, and help to provide privacy with a natural appearance.

Environmentally friendly

Newly built stone wall Stone walls with plants Natural looking stone walls